Have you ever had a dark secret that you couldn't share?  A secret that must be kept to protect yourself and those around you?

Jimmy was nine years old when he was molested in a fleapit cinema in London's East End and then sexually assaulted by the same man on the way home. This left him feeling guilty, different and excited.

An extremely nervous boy, Jimmy struggled to cope with his illiterate father's violent outbursts and with being adopted. Then his life changed dramatically when Tom, his replacement scoutmaster, throws him a barbed lifeline.  Tom's ‘conditional’ kindness left Jimmy with an even darker secret, one that developed into a minefield of confusion.

Sensitively told with effortless detail and description, this true story reveals what dangers lurk in shadows where troubled children try to hide. 

Tom is now dead and the story can be told because ......

 "They Can't Touch Him Now"