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This is not just a book, its an amazing journey - 17 December, 2003 Reviewer: A reader from London

'I couldn't put it down! This is not just a book, it is an amazing journey'.

Thanks to the recommendation of a good friend of mine I have just finished reading this amazing book and I now feel compelled to add to the reader's reviews.

This author has the remarkable ability to take the reader back to his amazing past and you cannot help but feel honoured to be with him as he opens his heart to share his secrets. His attention to detail is remarkable and it is easy to picture his post war East End of London lifestyle. He bravely deals with issues such as adoption, abuse, sexual issues, child molestation and in a way that is not all doom and gloom. For example, chapter 37 contains some of the most poignant words I have ever read, reducing me to tears and making me feel that I just wanted to put my arms around and hold this brave lad.

It must have taken enormous courage to write about being involved with a paedophile as a boy, yet this hugely important aspect of his life has been written in such brilliant and sensitive way ensuring nothing is offensive.



The most engrossing book I have ever read! -  20 November, 2003 Reviewer: A reader from London

I first heard about this book through a friend and on their recommendation, decided to buy it. How glad I am that I did! It is a truly fantastic story of a very unique life. The descriptions are superb with every detail covered in such a sensitive manner. I feel as if i was actually there, living this life with poor little Jimmy. It deals with some very heavy subjects but it is filled with joy and humour on so many levels, that one feels very comfortable and happy reading it.

A brilliant read!!!!!!!!!!


They Can't Touch Him Now? - 8 November, 2003 Reviewer: Mr John I Chaplin from Marbella, Spain

This is an amazing book, which deals with the delicate subject of child abuse. Only this time from the child's perspective.

Jimmy (an adopted child) grew up in a violent household in the East End of London in the 1950's. The author deals with his abusive father and his mother's attempts to protect him. Then if that were not enough, someone who should have been there to look after him sexually abuses him.

When reading the book, you are there with the author as he struggles to deal with his life, as he lived it. The book makes his environment come alive and is one of those book you just can not put down.

It should be recommended reading for all those who help deal with children who have been abused (in all its dreadful aspects) as it lets the reader into the mind of the child and how he copes with the emotional trauma of abuse.

I highly recommend this book. Not only to those who deal with the subject on a day-to-day basis but to all of us who have been there, in some form or another.


A fabulous book - 8 November, 2003 Reviewer: A reader from Britain

Jim's life may have been tough, but his courage as a man to share his earlier experiences in such an honest and intriguing way sets him apart from others who have suffered similar experiences.
This book does more that simply inform, it makes you feel as you turn each page.


What a story! -  8 October, 2003 Reviewer: A reader from Buckinghamshire

I bought this book on a recommendation from a friend and received it just 8 days ago, I have finished it already!!!!

It is an incredible true story of the trials of one man's life growing up in the East End of London.
The subject of child abuse is always a difficult one for most of us to comprehend and, I have often wondered how children deal with it particularly as they grow older. This book is a great insight into the mind of an innocent child pushed into a not so innocent world.

It is an absolute roller coaster of a book with some fabulous insights into life in the east end of London in the fifties and sixties. It is so well told with some wonderful descriptions, so much so that you almost feel as if you know the author.

I would whole heartedly recommend this book to anyone. There are some very valuable lessons within that all of us need to know. Best of all I am led to believe that this is the first of 3 book about the author's life. I cannot wait for the next one!


I read this book in one sitting -  4 December, 2003 Reviewer: Jill Goulston

I read this book in one sitting which is always a point in favour of any book. I wanted to find out what happened next! If one described the tale it would seem tragic and bleak and yet this is not the impression that is conveyed in the book. The writer seems to rise above the sordid and cruel and find delight in the most trivial things, although the chapter layouts do not do justice to the story the style of writing. Whilst simple and often grammatically incorrect, the book fully conveys the sense of place and
atmosphere. In today's world where, gratuitous swearing and violence seem to be scattered willy nilly through any book, continuous use of the F word no longer shocks. Yet here it does - is it because of the contrast with the simplicity of the rest of the writing or is it the writers' own hatred of
this side of life coming through? Whatever, they are an essential element and as such could not be excluded.

As a child during the same period I feel that we lived in two separate countries. The conditions in which Jimmy lived, outside privy and tub in front of the fire were things that happened in history, maybe during the early thirties but certainly not in my lifetime - what an eye opener! However, we did listen to the same radio programs and I can still feel the same sense of wonder as Jimmy, as Jean Metcalf and her fellow presenters taped the ether to connect Forces Favourites! In spite of the gains in material goods and benefits, the violence underneath is still there and so this is really a story of relevance today - childhood emotions and sexual angst never change.