The author is happy to tell us that he has now completed the second and third books in this trilogy. The second book is called ‘Who’s Afraid of Tomorrow?’ and takes the reader from 1967 when he got married until 1981 when he moved to Africa. Based upon what had happened in the first nineteen and half years of his life covered by the first book, ‘They Can’t Touch Him Now’ Jim believed that life could present nothing he couldn’t cope with. He’d overcome his problems with being adopted, mainly attributed to growing up with his illiterate and, at times, violent father. He’d even managed to keep the relationship with Tom a secret. It was now time to move on and he revelled momentarily in the victory of his battle for a new life with Barbara. Sadly, such happiness was to be short lived with the realisation that he’d only won the battle - not the war.  

With still much to come and cope with, he tried to make the best of his marriage. Life for Jim and Barbara was far from easy as they started out living with his parents and it would not be long before Jim was keeping another secret. This time the secret was about Barbara’s complete frigidness. Trying to be patient and understanding Jim confronts this problem but finds himself flanked by two others. To one side, the fights with his father, as they refurbish the old house Jim and Barbara have purchased and to the other side, Barbara’s anger with him at her surprise pregnancy.

There is the overwhelming high at the birth of their baby daughter and the misery caused by their huge financial struggle. Then things really deteriorate with the invasion of their life when Barbara’s secret efforts to re-unite with her family pay off. Jim hits a real low due to the complete lack of a physical relationship in his marriage. He once again experiences the feelings he had as a boy; of being unloved and unwanted. Convinced things could not get worse in his life, he meets David. The sexuality issues of the past will pale into insignificance as the problems of today overtake Jim’s ability to cope. Feeling trapped, alone and depressed even suicide will be a consideration. Had Jim have known what lie ahead, he would have certainly been afraid of tomorrow.

 The third book is called ‘Dizzy Spells to Giddy Heights’ and completes this incredible journey. So much water has passed under the bridge since the days when Jimmy used to suffer with dizzy spells until now where as a man, Jim enjoys the comparative giddy heights of success.  

And continues with.....

Dizzy Spells to Giddy Heights is what really started this whole story off. It is about who Jim really is now. It’s about what he has become, where he is and how he got there. At last he is relaxed with his life and himself. His sexuality no longer presents a problem to him and he is very happy with Philip, his partner for almost 18 years. This book tells of how Africa became the springboard to his future and of how one or two fated decisions helped mould his ability, to be successful. Jim in the latter part of his career enjoyed the luck of some pretty amazing co-incidences and one or two golden opportunities. Jim cannot accept that some of the things that have happened to him are purely co-incidental. He firmly believes that these were as a result of help and guidance by his late mother, who saw in death her opportunity to help. Throughout Jimmy’s life his father remained illiterate and he retained his bad temper and even as a grown man Jimmy still carried a deep-seated fear of him. Sadly, due to the many hateful things his father had said to him, any love between them had long died and had been replaced with a sense of loyalty and duty on Jimmy’s behalf. This remained strong even after his father tried to run him through one night with a bread knife. With the firm belief that no one should die alone, Jimmy maintained his sense of duty and was there to hold his father’s hand when he lost his life to cancer in 1994. Dizzy Spells to Giddy Heights finally brings closure to all of these problems and hopefully it might shed light or give an answer to others in a similar situation.